10 Favorite Instagram Moments From 2017

For the past two years, I’ve rounded up my favorite moments that I shared on Instagram from the year (2016 & 2015). This year, things feel quite different as adventure has been, well, lacking. But alas, it’s not that this wasn’t a good year. I still traveled a ton (Portland, LA, Dallas, NYC, Boston, San Francisco), but it’s been more familiar. That’s why I love doing these roundups. You can really see how life changes before your very eyes. But it also gives you the gift of realizing how many amazing memories are made in a year.

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The Year in Review // 2016

I love the idea of wrapping up the year with a little overview of what it looked like. Remembering the moments, photos and the places makes the year what it was and I want to be able to remember that! Even though 2016 was definitely eventful and many can’t wait for it to be over, my 2016 was a time filled with lots of exploration and love and it’s a year I will look back to with fond memories forever.


Renwick Gallery DC

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