Slipstream // Washington, D.C.

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the ideal spot to literally sit for hours and get so much work done

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Name: Slipstream Coffee

Address: 1333 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm, Friday 7am-1am, Saturday 8am-1am, Sunday 8am-8pm

Closest Metro Stop: MT Vernon Sq/7th St-Convention Center (Green & Yellow Lines)

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Wifi: Yes

Vibe: Exposed white brick and knowledgeable baristas give this bright spot a creative and inviting feel

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Coffee & Food: I deviated from my usual mocha order since 1) it’s hot as hell outside and 2) a friend of mine boasts that this place has the best coffee in all of DC and it would be a shame to get an iced mocha. He suggested I try the espresso and tonic water duo, to which I said, “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” But alas, as soon as I got there, a little coffee God made me order the peach espresso tonic…. and let me tell you, it might be the weirdest coffee I’ve ever had. But also one of the best. Since it’s so hot outside, it was SO refreshing to have something so cold. The tonic water gave it a little bubbly boost and the peach made it wildly refreshing. The notes in the espresso were complimented so well by the peach that each sip was euphoric amazement. As for the food, my friend had warned me that I should only stick to the coffee, but I was starving after three hours so I caved and went with the avocado toast with goat cheese and a poached egg. Sadly, my friend was right. The bread wasn’t sturdy enough and got kind of soggy, there wasn’t enough avocado and it was super salty.  I loved that the goat cheese was uber creamy but combined with the egg it was just flat out weird. Not to mention $8.50 being pretty steep for one slice.

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Seating: If you’re not in the mood to possibly not get a seat, Slipstream is your place. I mean, TONS of seating!! A plethora in the front that has natural lighting, bar seating, a community table and plenty surrounding the community table. It’s so refreshing to find a coffee spot that understands that having lots of seating is key.

Overall: Slipstream might be one of my new favorites. I loved that the staff was welcoming and friendly. I loved that they have wifi and seating. And most importantly, I love that it’s a place that you can stay for a long time without once feeling like you need to leave or buy more to stay. All in all, I had a lovely experience and would recommend it to anyone for a great work space with good coffee.

What do you look for in coffee shops? Is it only about the coffee or is there more to it than that?

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    1. It sure was! I’m all about atmosphere so that’s why I especially loved it! Thanks for stopping by, Bryn!

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