Here’s the short of how to navigate this list. Every coffee shop I’ve been to is here. Some appear more than once because they fall into more than one category. Whenever I am looking for a coffee shop, these are the areas I’m most interested in. If there’s something missing, let me know below! 

Q: Is there wifi?

N O    W I F I    O N     W E E K E N D S

Café Oberkampf 

N O    W I F I  A T    A L L

Fondation Café

Honor Coffee

Télescope Café

Ten Belles

The Broken Arm

When are these coffee shops closed?


Le Peloton


Q: Where are these coffee shops by arrondissement?


Le Peloton

F I F T H 


S E V E N T H 

Coutume Café

Q: What are your top four favorite coffee shops in Paris and why? 

One // Ob-La-Di

Ob-La-Di is what dreams are made of. From the moment you walk up to this spot, it’s charming and feels very nouveau Parisian. The store is decked out in this teal and white tile that is an Instagrammers dream. The coffee is delicious, they have great food, speak English and have wifi. What more could you want?!

Two // Le Peloton

Le Peloton was my saving grace in Paris since it’s owned by an Austrailian guy and an American. Everyone who works there is super friendly and it’s just a different environment than you find in Paris for the most part. While I don’t actually love their coffee, the environment, and people more than make up for it. If you go, say hi to Paul!

Three// Dose

Dose is that trusty spot you go to when you want no hassle and a delicious mocha. You always know what to expect and I found that super comforting in a world of uncertainty in Paris. I love their seating outside and accompanied by fast wifi and one of my favorite mochas, this spot was a regular jaunt for me.

Four // Coutume Café

Coutume was that spot I went to when I needed to get shit done. It’s a relaxing yet buzzing environment with fast wifi and nice baristas. This spot was coincidentally one of the first coffee shops I went to in Paris and remained a favorite the whole way through.

Did I miss anything? What do you look for in a coffee shop?