Meet Lulu

Oh hey there. I’m Lulu.

Behind Musings over Mochas is just a girl who believes that one of the best ways to explore any city is to see it through their coffee shops. Some of the best moments can be spent there as you’re┬ásavoring taste, pondering thoughts or connecting with friends new and old… all while jammin’ to music that feeds your soul in an aesthetically pleasing space.

Go to order at a coffee shop:

A mocha. Hot or iced, depending on the season. Preferably with almond milk.

You can always find me:

Trying a new boutique workout class.

Nine times out of ten, I’ll be talking about:

A new place I want to try out.

Favorite word:


Alter Ego:

Meredith Grey (early years, pre-kids, post it note Derek days)