Department of Coffee & Social Affairs // London

Name: Department of Coffee & Social Affairs 

Location: They have seven locations in London, but I went to the one on Leather Lane

Closest Tube Stop: Chancery Lane

Hours: Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10am-5pm

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Vibe: Tons of exposed brick and some cool graphic art on the walls make this spot super hipster and relaxed. The big windows at the front give it a bright feel and you’ll never be rushed out.

Wifi: Yep! (Note: I tried to go the St. Martin’s location, but they don’t have wifi!)

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Coffee & Food: Their coffee is yummy, a bit on the bitter side for me, but then again, most are. There was a nice amount of foam and I found myself satisfied. More chocolate would have been nice, but hey, that’s just my sweet tooth talkin’! As for their food, I’ve gotten a croissant (duh…when do I not?) and a sandwich. Per usual, I can’t remember which one I got, but it was super yummy. My friends also got sandwiches and they all loved them too. The croissant, on the other hand, was terrible. Dry, not flaky at all and just a waste pounds (both money wise and body wise).

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Department of Coffee and Social Affairs.JPG

Seating: Lots and lots of seating. I’ve never had a problem the few times I’ve been. There’s some in the back, but it gets kind of dark back there, so the front side room is definitely the spot to be. There’s seating at the window so you can people watch and there are tons of tables on the sides so you don’t feel in the way. If you want to ensure there’s gonna be a seat, then this is definitely the spot for you.

Overall: Overall, I really like this spot. The staff are friendly, the vibe is relaxed and their aesthetic  is totally up my alley. Give me a brick wall any day and I’ll be happy. The coffee and food isn’t the best I’ve had in London, but sometimes, you need a good ‘ol trusty coffee shop where you know you’ll get a seat and be treated well. And that’s the Department of Coffee & Social Affairs for you.


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