16 Favorite Instagram Moments from 2016

Last year, I rounded up my 15 favorite Instagram moments from 2015 with the intention of sharing some of the back story to them. I was prompted to do this in response to everyone talking about how fake Instagram is. And while I’m definitely guilty of taking twenty photos that all essentially look the same, making my friends wait for me to get a photo before they sip their coffee and so on, what I post on Instagram isn’t really for you if I’m being honest. It’s for me. Instagram is like an online scrapbook to create quick captures of moments I would otherwise forget. While these snaps definitely focus on the good and portray the glamorous sides of our lives, I look at them and they tell a different story. Below are Instagram’s roundup of my top nine best-performing photos (generated here), but below are my sixteen favorite¬†moments and the little stories that go with them.

Best nine of 2016


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Weekly Vibes // Volume Thirty-Two


*Blink* It’s Friday. Seriously…fastest week ever, right? But I’ll take it! That’s all for now. Enjoy the weekend outside and soak up these nice warm days before it becomes too cold to function.

Onto the links…

zoya nail polish on display.jpg

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Musings over Mochas turns one

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since this little space on the internet has existed. What started as a way to explore my city with new eyes has morphed into a new lifestyle: one where beauty is around every corner, where joy is small but frequent and where connection is key.

I had started a few other blogs but never tended to them like this one… and let me tell you, I’m so glad I did. People in over 40 countries have visited the site, I’ve met up with several people because of Instagram and most importantly, it’s served as a digital diary for a very special time in my life: living abroad.

Whether this is your first time popping by or you’re a regular visitor, know that I’m happy to have you here… musing and mocha’ing right with me! Here’s to the next year and all that it has in store!

musings birthday.jpg

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