Musings on the most important lesson I learned in Paris

It’s been almost four months since my rendezvous abroad came to an end. As time begins to fade my once vivid memories of street names, metro stops and experiences, there’s one thing I took from Paris that will always stay with me.

City scenes in Paris .jpg

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Guest Post: Guide to Granada, Spain

Today I’m teaming up with Charlotte to bring you a guide to Granada, Spain. I fell in love with Charlotte’s Instagram because of her unique twist she puts on her photos. And once I realized she was a study abroad student in Granada, Spain just like me in Paris, I loved following along even more. Granada wasn’t on my radar, but after reading her recommendations, it’s definitely on my list… especially since Spain is still on list of places to get to! Have you been?

Let’s get to it… 

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J’Adore Paris // a guide to coffee

There’s a myth that good coffee doesn’t exist in Paris. But I think that’s just Paris haters’ way of justifying their hate for one of the most incredible cities in the world. I found the Paris coffee scene to be vibrant and unique, with each shop boasting diverse expertises and qualities. Since we all know a coffee shop is much more than just a good cup of joe, these are my eight favorites that combine great coffee and an unbeatable ambiance.

For the perfect mid-morning coffee date spot, go to

the broken arm

CAfe Creme Broken Arm PAris  magazine.jpg

If you want great coffee AND great food, go to 

Café Oberkampf

avo-toast-and-coffee 2.jpg

If you want to be transported to another coffee world, go to 

Honor Coffee

2:: honor coffee courtyard.jpg

To keep up with the Instagram coffee scene, go to 

Café Kitsuné

6:: Cafe-Kitsune-coffee-cup.jpg

For a guaranteed seat with wifi & delicious coffee, go to 

Doseoutdoor-patio-dose-paris 2.jpg

If you want to learn about coffee, go to 

Coutume Café

1:: Coutume Mocha.jpg

For the friendliest staff, go to

Le Peloton

4:: le peleton store front.jpg

For the perfect Instagram moment, go to



8::Ob-La-Di Mocha.jpg

Do you have a favorite coffee shop in Paris? I’m always looking for more!

What makes you love a coffee shop? Is it just good coffee or the ambiance as well?

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