The Year in Review // 2016

I love the idea of wrapping up the year with a little overview of what it looked like. Remembering the moments, photos and the places makes the year what it was and I want to be able to remember that! Even though 2016 was definitely eventful and many can’t wait for it to be over, my 2016 was a time filled with lots of exploration and love and it’s a year I will look back to with fond memories forever.


Renwick Gallery DC

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Guest Post: six LA Coffee Spots to Try

I spend a lot of time in LA, but rarely do I get the chance to get out and explore beyond the bubble of Santa Monica (#nodriverslisenceprobz). So today, I’m teaming up with one of my favorite people to follow along with on Instagram: Zach of Dreams over Drinks. I mean seriously, Dreams over Drinks & Musings over Mochas? Sounds like a match made in coffee/story telling heaven!  Anyways, Zach merges two of my favorite things (coffee & connection), so I know you will love him and what he does. Since he travels to a plethora of LA coffee shops, I figured he was the perfect person to collaborate with to bring you a guide to coffee in the city of Angels.

Let’s get to it… 

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