Life Lately

From the looks of Instagram, it’s probably been a little hard to tell where I’ve been. With moving back to DC and simultaneously having the nostalgia of Portland and Paris on my mind, it looks as if I’ve somehow figured out the art of time travel. I assure you, I have not. And if I ever do… don’t worry. You’d surely be the first to know. I still have so much to share from Paris and Portland, so stay tuned.

life lately august 2016.png

1// Returning to DC after 15 months away      2// Cupcake ATM? Yes, please.      3// Coffee bar lovin’      4// Remedying my coffee shop hiatus      5// Mint green + cafe creme = happy me      6// I’m such a sucker for some unexpected street art       7// Portland vibes are always my favorite       8// My bestie (and the person who taught me to love coffee) visited Paris, inspiring me to write up a guide to my favorite coffee shops in Paris       9// Flower carts are always a mood booster. Always. 

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Life Lately

Before life gets crazy (you’ll find out tomorrow why!), I figured it’s a good time for a little snapshot into what life has been lately. Things may slow down a bit, but I promise they’ll pick up… I know they will on Instagram at least! Plus, I’m a sucker for a nine-photo grid like this… what can I say? I know I’m not alone!

life lately part 4.png

1// Do you ever have those spots that instantly calm you down? This is one of mine.      2// I just noticed the Pinterest app update and I’m really into it… anyone else?     3// Missing London on a rainy Atlanta day      4// Window envy at Dancing Goats       5// Get in my belly, obvs!      6// A neon sign with my initial! Swoon!      7// Snow reminding us that it’s the little things that make up the big ones      8// Lovin’ on Freestate Coffee…again      9// One of my favorite metro stops in D.C.

Life Lately

life lately.png

1// Finally made it over to the Somerset house for ice skating watching people fall     2// Head in the clouds at the Sky Garden     3// Missing DC during this time of the year     4// Selfridge & Co makes me one happy girl     5// The best granola I’ve EVER had in my life     6// A cute little spot that ignited a #foamrant     7// Slowly learning to love porridge     8// The V&A is the ultimate spot for an afternoon snack     9// Christmas time on Carnaby street is on another level for sure

life lately

life on instagram.png

1// Cherishing sparkling evenings in London while I still can     2// Finally got around to posting about the Barn in Berlin     3// How cute is this little sign at Prufrock Coffee     4// This Instagram post just happened to be featured on London Coffee Shops     5// Obsessed with this Winter scene     6// Finally got around to going to Hally’s     7// Nothing better than Harrods at night     8// How much clotted cream is acceptable to eat? LMK.     9// Obviously I have an obsession with lights these days… can you blame me?