The Year in Review // 2016

I love the idea of wrapping up the year with a little overview of what it looked like. Remembering the moments, photos and the places makes the year what it was and I want to be able to remember that! Even though 2016 was definitely eventful and many can’t wait for it to be over, my 2016 was a time filled with lots of exploration and love and it’s a year I will look back to with fond memories forever.


Renwick Gallery DC

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Life Lately

From the looks of Instagram, it’s probably been a little hard to tell where I’ve been. With moving back to DC and simultaneously having the nostalgia of Portland and Paris on my mind, it looks as if I’ve somehow figured out the art of time travel. I assure you, I have not. And if I ever do… don’t worry. You’d surely be the first to know. I still have so much to share from Paris and Portland, so stay tuned.

life lately august 2016.png

1// Returning to DC after 15 months away      2// Cupcake ATM? Yes, please.      3// Coffee bar lovin’      4// Remedying my coffee shop hiatus      5// Mint green + cafe creme = happy me      6// I’m such a sucker for some unexpected street art       7// Portland vibes are always my favorite       8// My bestie (and the person who taught me to love coffee) visited Paris, inspiring me to write up a guide to my favorite coffee shops in Paris       9// Flower carts are always a mood booster. Always. 

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Revelator Coffee // Atlanta

revelator coffee atlanta ga.png
the ideal spot to hunker down and get some work done (if you’re not using wifi)

Revelator Coffee Company.jpgName: Revelator Coffee Company

Address: Westside Provisions- 691 14th Street (Suite A) Atlanta, GA 30318

Hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-6pm

Coffee Bar Atlanta GA.jpg

coffee bar in ATL.jpg

Vibe: Quiet. White. Intimate. Industrial.

Wifi: Yes, with password… but it’s slow (so slow I didn’t really use it)

coffee shop scene ATL.jpg

ATL mochas .jpg

Coffee: Well… I should have gone with my instinct aka not getting a hot mocha when it feels like a bajillion degrees outside. That was probably the first strike against this place (I know, I know. That has nothing to do with them. But still.) Anyways, when the mocha arrived, it was a beauty, and my mocha loving self who hadn’t been to a coffee shop in a month started getting that tingling feeling in my heart. And then it all came to a screeching halt when I tasted the mocha and it was watery. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Other than bad foam, that’s my highest coffee pet peeve. I didn’t even drink the whole thing. Or half of it.

seating area ATL.jpg

couch at coffee shop.jpg

Seating: If there’s one thing this place isn’t missing, it’s seating. There’s SO MUCH! There’s outdoor seating (#nothankyou) as well as seating in the front that has nice, bright light. There’s also this nice couch, a community table and a handful of single or two people tables. And the couches and chairs are so comfy! Total win.

Overall: Here’s the thing about me and a coffee shop. Even if I don’t dig the coffee, I can really enjoy a coffee shop if the ambiance is good. That was the case here. I loved the bright white aesthetic. The seating was perfect and they had a killer playlist. I ended up being there for about four hours and it was a blissful and productive four hours at that. For some reason, despite the music, it’s extremely quiet in there. It makes for kind of a weird first impression, but it grows on you as time goes on. All in all, definitely a spot I will go back to (just not for the mocha).

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The Dancing Goats Coffee Bar // Atlanta

Name: The Dancing Goats Coffee Bar 

Location: 650 North Ave. NE Atlanta, GA

Vibe: Relaxed, industrial and cool. I love that to get there, you mosey through a part of town that hardly looks like it would have a gem like this. And then bam, it hits you. You see the glass. You see the sign. And you’re sold. There were so many types of people there which I really enjoyed (#peoplewatching). People were also partaking in all sorts of different activities- from reading to having first dates, to working on computers or just sitting there, it felt refreshing to go to a place where there was no standard activity or person. As soon as you walked into the little glass box, time seems to have stopped and everyone had a mutual unspoken understanding of how lucky we are to just be. Enjoy your coffee. Enjoy the day. Enjoy your life.

Wifi: All day, erry day… for free!

Hours: Monday-Friday: 6:30AM-6PM, Saturday & Sunday: 7AM-6PM

Coffee & Food: First of all, I’m overcompensating with coffee pics because I was so ravenously hungry that I couldn’t wait two seconds to get a picture of the croissant or donut I had (#sorrynotsorry). So alas, here you go. But I can tell you, that it looked like any other croissant I’ve eaten in my life. And since we’re talking about it, I’ll just say that it was fine. Nothing special. Not seriously offensive nor entirely exciting. But I was hungry and it did its job. The donut on the other hand. Woah. So yummy. It had lots of sugar on the outside, was mini (always a plus- for looks of course since I always prefer a large serving #american) and was only a dollar. So I for sure recommend that donut. I’m craving it as we speak. As for the coffee, it was just eh. I drank about half of it but it was watery and not strong at all. I couldn’t really taste coffee or chocolate. I was confused. But went with it because I wanted caffeine. When I go back, I will take that five dollars and put it towards the mini donuts. Now we’re talkin’.

Music: If they were playing music, I didn’t notice. I’m sure they were playing some inside, but outside where all of the (good) seating was, I’m pretty sure the music was just the sound of people speaking and sipping, which was fine by me!

Pricing: Around $5 for the coffee, $3ish for the croissant and $1 for the donut. And surprisingly, if I had to rank my little delights from best to worst, the least expensive was the best and the most expensive was the worst (once again teaching us that money doesn’t always buy the best things in life, am I right, or am I right?)

Seating: I mean, without a doubt, the best seating I’ve ever seen at a coffee shop. I love that the actual bar is disconnected because it creates a really serene vibe within the glass cube. There’s tons of seating, so you’re bound to find some (even if it’s not your first choice.) I started in a rocking chair which I didn’t find to be comfortable. So I moved to a woven one which was much better. But once the swing opened up, I pounced on that and let me tell you, the swing is where it’s at. The seating is also spaced out well enough so that it feels collaborative and friendly without being cramped.

Overall: I love this place. I wouldn’t come back for the coffee, but I would for the environment- without a doubt. I could spend hours in the oasis that they’ve built. It really does seem like there’s no sense of time or urgency in that glass box, which is so refreshing. It’s oddly productive if you want it to be. But I also felt incredibly relaxed and just at peace. It doesn’t hurt that the donuts were so good that I would voluntarily take a pit stop there anytime. So until I figure out a drink to order, I will sip on water, find a good book and eat my coffee allowance in donuts. Sound good? Sounds great to me.

Insider Tip: The best seats in the house are without a doubt the swings (yes, you heard be right). You have to be a vulture and first take a seat near the swing and then swoop in literally as the people leave. But it’s a lesson in learning to get what you want and you get to swing while drinking coffee, what could be better?

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